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Keep your brain active. solve these puzzles to hon your mind. Solution given in next puzzle!

Solving Puzzles: How it keeps the brain active?

Brain Teasers
Different sections of the brain exercise on solving different types of puzzles. Crossword puzzles are the most common puzzles and strain and exercise the language and memory section while jigsaw puzzles exercise the parietal lobe in the brain. When you get expert solve these puzzles in your mind without writing anything down and solve the Numeric and other puzzles as fast as you can to keep speeding up your brain.

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Select One of the puzzle set below. Solution given in next puzzle. You can scroll upto 5 puzzles before page is reloaded.

Power Words Crossword Puzzle

Power words denote happiness, fun, money and power. Easy to remember and fun to solve, browse the power words crosswords as many times as you like. Just scroll next.

To Solve the power words crosswords puzzle..

Find Six words down and Six Words Across like password. See what happy words are in store for you. Solution given in next puzzle.

Alphanumeric Math Riddle

This riddle is a sequemtial combination of letters and words.

To solve this riddle..

Work out the next sequence of letter and words as shown by first literel and the same rule will follow in second literal and so on. See the solution in the next riddle. Just scroll the next.

Alphanumeric Math Puzzle Slideshow